First Settlement Offer

First Settlement Offer

First Settlement Offer  Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyers  Accident AttorneyIf you have recently been injured, you may be wondering about your personal injury claim. You may be looking to get compensation. These cases can take a lot of time and often that will leave you impatient. However, when you finally get that first settlement offer, you may be tempted to take it and run. This decision may not always be the best option.

First Settlement Offer | Should You Take It?

Oftentimes people ask me if they should accept the first offer that is made by an insurance carrier. My answer to that question invariably is absolutely not. In order to maximize recovery, the first thing I tell my clients is that we have to have patience; patience on behalf of the lawyer and patience on behalf of the client. We only get one shot at this and if we’re jumping at an opportunity to settle the case early on because we’re interested in a timing requirement as opposed to maximizing the recovery then the individual will end up walking away with less than they deserve.

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First Settlement Offer | Winning the Case

In order to win – and when I say when I mean providing my client with a number that is either at or above where we believe the case is worth – it’s necessary for us to take those initial offers, counter those offers with a demand that is significant enough that it offers us the ability to bring that insurance company to a number that is appropriate for the case. It’s only after those negotiations – sometimes intense negotiations – that we’re able to get to a number that is proper for the injuries sustained in that case.

With an experienced attorney, you can get the most out of your case as possible. If you are looking for legal representation that will give you the best guidance, please call our Buffalo personal injury law office and get a free consultation.

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