Insurance Company Issues

Insurance Company Issues

If you have been in an auto accident, you may be feeling angry. If the accident has left you injured, you may be feeling worried about how to manage things finically. Unfortunately, you may experience insurance company issues.

Insurance Company Issues: How the Insurance Company Can Undermine Your Claim

Insurance Company Issues  Buffalo Injury Lawyers  Free ConsultationsNo-fault insurance carriers are the carriers that are paying for medical bills for people involved in motor vehicle accidents. Contractually, those insurance companies are able to hire what they call independent medical examiners to take a look at people who they’re paying their bills. These doctors are hired because the insurance companies know that they’re going to give them opinions that they want. They are not independent, nor are these real medical examinations. The problem is, is that these insurance companies will rely on the statements of these doctors and can cut off your treatment in the, and your wages in the future, based on that one opinion. Certainly, this is one way that an insurance company can undermine your claim.

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Insurance Company Issues: Bodily Injury Issues

What I tell my clients and what we tell all of our clients is that one of the primary problems from undermining a case is through social media. Insurance companies can try to undermine your claim and your case by monitoring your social media accounts and trying to find things on there that would be inconsistent with what our claims are in the case. We tell all of our clients to make sure that if you have a Facebook account, for example, that you make it so that all of your contacts and the only people that can see your information would be friends; that’s done in your settings and your preferences. First of all, we tell our clients that nothing should be posted at any event on any of their social media accounts. Second, make sure that things are made private, so in case someone else puts something on your account that you have it where the insurance companies can’t see it routinely.

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