Winter Tips for Senior Citizens to Avoid Falling

Winter Tips for Senior Citizens to Avoid Falling

Winter Tips for Senior Citizens Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer AttorneyThese winter months in Buffalo can cause hazards, particularly for senior citizens. If you have trouble with the ice during your commute and are worried about slipping and falling, here are some winter tips to avoid injury and in the event of an injury, help you be rightfully compensation.

Winter Tips for Senior Citizens | How to Avoid Falling

One of the things we like to do is help people by offering suggestions to help them avoid getting into accidents. We usually advise people who have been in other accidents or are already frail, or who are older, about ways to take extra care. Certain degrees of slope on driveways, sidewalks or parking lots can create dangerous conditions if they become iced over. We advise people to use whatever walking apparatus they may require, and to add certain accessories to the bottom of those aids to give them some grip. Wearing shoes with built-in grips or spikes – or ice cleats that can be attached over the shoe – are very helpful during Buffalo’s winters. These ideas can be very helpful in addition to simply keeping a lookout for glares or other conditions that might result from an ice-over or freeze-thaw. They can be the most dangerous of all surface conditions we experience during a Buffalo winter.

Winter Tips for Senior Citizens | Top Things You Should Do if You Slip and Fall

During this time of year, we get calls from clients with injuries caused by falls on ice or slippery, snowy conditions. They often ask, “What are the first things we should do?” First of all, take care of yourself physically by getting proper medical treatment. If you’re physically able, collect any evidence that you can at the scene – such as photos, maybe a short video clip. Also, take photos of items in the surrounding area that might be relevant. For example, if a clogged or damaged downspout was dumping water into a certain area where it pooled, photos of that area could be critical to proving negligence.

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